Bangalore's Fiat-1100/Premier Padmini Car Owners' Club

About Our Club  
 "Its a funny thing about a Fiat 1100... There is a moment you know you want one, there is a moment you first own one and for the truely afflicted there is a decade or two that passes in owning one... 

From its first days on road for over fifty five years ago, the Fiat 1100 has ignited the kind of passion in drivers that only a Fiat can..

And now once again it is poised to redefine whats possible, introducing the Fiat 1100 Club - Bangalore,  it is quite simply the purest expression of who we are...!"
Our Club Motto: "Long Live Fiats!" 
 The FIAT 1100 CLUB BANGALORE is a club for all the FIAT-1100 Car Enthusiasts, Lovers, n Owners living in Bangalore.
The Club was started by openning communities on Social Networking Site, ORKUT with the names "FIAT 1100 Club, Bangalore" and  "Fiat 1100 club" in 2006. The Club's first Fiat 1100 cars' rally was organised on 19th April 2009 in Cubbon Park as an inauguration of the Club. The Club is formed for all the fiat 1100 Owners to share their experiences, exchange Technical information and jointly hold Fiat 1100 rally drives. 
History Of FIAT 1100 Cars
The Fiat 1100 was an automobile produced from 1937 to 1969, by the Italian car maker FIAT (FABBRICA ITALIANA AUTOMOBILI TORINO)  which meant Italian Car Factory in Turin. FIAT was Founded by Giovanni Agnelli in 1899.

The Fiat 1100 was first introduced in 1937 as an updated version of the 508 "Balilla" (its real name was the 508C) with a look similar to the 1936 Fiat 500 "Topolino" and the larger 1500, with the typical late-30s' heart-shaped front grille. It was powered by a 1089 cc four cylinder, overhead valve, engine. Drive was to the rear wheels through a four speed gearbox. Subsequently the car underwent a partial restyling around the front end and gained new streamlined window-shaped louvres and was re-named the 1100B and popularly known as the "1100 musone" (i. e. "big nose"). After World War II, in 1949, the car was re-introduced with a curvy trunk and new name, the 1100E. Both the 508C and the 1100B were also available as the long wheelbase 508L and mainly used for vans and taxis.

In 1953 the 1100 was completely redesigned as a compact 4-door sedan, with a modern monocoque bodywork and integrated front lights. The new model was called the 1100/103 after its project number, and was offered (as usual at that time) in two different versions: "economica" (cheaper) and "normale" (standard). The car became available in a sporty version, the 1100TV with a third light in the middle of the grille and in station-wagon version, with a fifth door.

Between 1956 and 1960 the new 1100 underwent several slight changes in fittings and details, e.g. newly designed grille, more rectangular profile, dual color dressing, and eventually small fintails with spear-shaped backlights. A special version, the 1100 Granluce (i.e. "Large light"), launched in 1959, had both fintails and wider windows. As an option it could be fitted with a new powerful 1200 cc engine.

Retaining the exterior changes of this model, in 1962 Fiat introduced the 3rd generation 1100, called the 1100D. It was a sober yet comfortable 4-door runabout, very similar to the Granluce but with smoother sides and a new simpler rectangular mouth. 

Premier Automobiles Limited, Pune, India  

The Premier Automobiles is an Indian Automobile Company started by Mr. Walchand Hirachand in the year 1944. Premier started manufacturing Fiat 1100 from 1954 in collaboration with Fiat SpA, Italy in their Kurla Plant, Bombay. In 1972, Premier started producing 100% Indegenous Fiat 1100 and called it Premier President, Premier Padmini etc. Premier produced Premier Padmini till 2000 before finally closing their Plants.