Bangalore's Fiat-1100/Premier Padmini Car Owners' Club


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Quotes "I was not aware of this club however this was introduced to me by my friend Anil and we both participated in Jan 2012 FIAT 1100 CLUB MEET at Bangalore.I appreciate the organisers,moderators for taking there valuable time in organising the event in a systematic manner. I was very proud of keeping my FIAT Diesel Vehicle showcasing in the event" Thanks SATISH KUMAR.R.C Quotes

Quotes Very happy to know there is a club. I hope to visit one day. I had a 1957 1100 that was a fathful and dependable vehicle ahead of its time. I had it from 1959-1965 and sold it for $300 American dollars. It was green with 4 speed on the column, a center headlight, and the rear seats opened to the trunk. And of course the suicide doors. Got about 35MPG Quotes
frank allen
never should have sold

Quotes Fiat 1100 Club - Bangalore was founded by four members - Karthik Makam, Karthik M.B, Sujith T and Me, in Cubbon Park on 15th March 2009. Our motto of forming the Club was to unite all the Fiat 1100 series car Owners, Lovers, enthusiasts living in and around Bangalore. Today we are happy to say that we have 60+ members in our Club. We have successfully organised 4 to 5 Meet/ Rally of Fiat cars. At this point we would like some suggestions from all our Members on how to go about with our future plans of conducting Meets and Rallies. Quotes
Future Plans

Quotes Meet by meet we are becoming more famous and renown, hence our responsibility as a club to increases. After having small talks with some experienced members of our club I suggest we need better Management, better planning, more organised meets. I request the other members to give in their point of view here Quotes
Great going, but the going gets tough